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More about Penny Steyn

Penny's Passion: Penny Steyn's passion in life lies in making a difference to the South African Police Service. She has trained hundreds of Police members and is determined to find further sponsorship to allow her to continue to train the Police so that she can make a significant impact and motivate the "boys and girls in blue" who put their lives on the line to keep the South African community safe & take her MAD Domestic Watch program nationally by training others to do this work.


Training the Police in Customer Service & Leadership for Management: Penny has developed various courses and in particular courses on Telephone Etiquette and Professionalism, Customer Service, Qualities and Strategies that Lead to Promotion and Leadership Training for SAPS. Penny has made a big impact by presenting these courses to various corporate companies and in particular to different Police Stations in South Africa. To date she has trained over 1900 police members in Parkview, Linden, Sandton, Gallo Manor, Brixton, Randburg, Booysens, Douglasdale, Rosebank, Sandringham, Norwood and Midrand and new recruit Reservists in seven different stations and 400 members of the 10111 and Flying Squad in the Gauteng Province. Her courses are also available to Corporate Businesses and have Corporate Company employees and Grade 10, 11 & 12 School children covering crime prevention in the home, anti-hijacking and tactics to prevent rape. She has written 36 lessons and has had 13 DVD?s made for this purpose.


Books Written by Penny: She has written books on "The Job of Looking for a Job" and "Qualities and Strategies that Lead to Promotion" for the purpose of lecturing on these topics to all levels of job seekers and employees looking for that upward career move, as well as clarifying to employees what is in it for them to be the best in their business. She incorporates much of her material in her "Qualities" book in her training of the Police ? this has proved to be enormously motivating for the SAPS members who have attended her workshops.


Crime Prevention Training: Penny runs Domestic Watch Meetings in 18 suburbs once a month for 11 months each year. She works in conjunction with the Police Sector Managers with this project and has been training over 1200 domestics and gardeners on a monthly basis. She does not run a course on crime with home employees, it is an ongoing process of building confidence, a relationship with the SAPS and eliminating the prospect of being implicated in crime if they report information. She swings her lessons between how to prevent crime and how to become an informer.


Recognition: She was a nominee for Business Woman of the Year in 2004 for the work she undertakes and received a Mail & Guardian "Drivers of Change" award and a Merit Certificate from Primedia.


Sponsorship of Penny's Work: Penny is sponsored to train in the Police in all Units and Stations. She has maintained the lowest fee possible at R400 per attendee to enable her to reach volumes of Police members and encourage more and more sponsorship for this work.


Turning Adversity to the Advantage of the Community: Penny was a victim of crime when two people tried to strangle her on Heritage Day in October 2001. In Parkview, where she started her training, Penny has had enormous success working with the Police and to quote Superintendent Loubser ex Parkview Police Station: "Penny has done what no one else has been able to do and her training has become the talk of the town in local police circles."


Long Term Results: Apart from the training she undertakes Penny searches continually for Corporate Companies to support the Police and promotes the plight and needs of the Police to Corporate Companies with a view to finding proper Business Partners in each station where she trains.


Penny's Approach: Penny has become extremely focused on changing the Police's Customer Service focus, their habits and the culture of the Police members approach into winning ways that will benefit their employer and the Police members themselves and the community they serve. Penny is determined to take her Domestic Watch meetings far and wide, ideally nationally and searches continually for members of the community to train into this work and get the support of the community to enable this crime prevention program to be implemented. Penny is regularly invited to be a motivational speaker in the Corporate Business environment. Her motto is: "Lets get MAD - Making A Difference!"