Our sense of community is our security

Your Board of Directors, Officials, and Committee Members

The ZFHOA Board of Directors is a group of volunteering residents who are voted in annually, by fellow residents, at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The following members were voted in at the 24th AGM which was held on 25 October 2022.

The Board is supported by appointed Officials and Committee Members. The Committee Members form an integral part of the management of the ZFHOA.

How to contact or communicate with us?

Feel free to contact us via e-mail at   Communications@rgmha.co.za

The ZFHOA also have an official Members only WhatsApp Group called the "Rocklands Report" which can only be joined through an Invite Link either directly received or from one of the other Community Social WhatsApp Groups.  By accepting this Invite you CONFIRM that you are a Member of the ZFHOA and you AGREE to abide by this Group's Rules & Etiquette Guide detailed hereunder;

Just so you are aware, in terms of Corporate Legislation, a Member is defined as a Subscriber to the Memorandum of Association of the Zandfontein Farm Home Owners Association NPF and who is deemed to have agreed to become a Member of the Association, and whose Name is entered in the Company's Register of Members, through the payment of monthly Contributions.

ZFHOA WhatsApp Group's Guide to Rules and Etiquette

WhatsApp Groups if not managed properly can become counter-productive.  For the success of this Group, please be mindful of the following;

1.   The purpose of this Group is to provide day-to-day INFORMATION from the ZFHOA Board of Directors, Committees, Employees and Associates on all things related to Rocklands Gallo Manor in terms of Security, Environment and Parks.

2.   Keep this Group for what it is intended.  Only post information relevant to the purpose of this Group.  Thank you in advance for keeping to the Rules!

3.   Please be mindful of others and keep chatter to a minimum.  Commenting "well done", "good job", "thank you", etc is NOT necessary on this Group.  You are more than welcome to message the Person directly.  Chain messages are not permitted!

4.   If you feel you have important information to share that is NOT related to the primary purpose of this Group, please post such a message on the other Community Social Groups such as the "Cool & Social" Group or the "Fun" Group.

5.   Please do not post after 9PM and before 6AM unless it is an EMERGENCY!

6.  All COMPLAINTS should be directed to the GROUP ADMIN and NOT posted on this Group!

THANK YOU for your participation in ALL things Rocklands Gallo Manor & stepping forward to GROW our Community Spirit as OUR SENSE OF COMMUNITY IS OUR SECURITY!


For those of you in the suburb who have WhatsApp, please send Mike Neu-Ner (082 325 5443) YOUR cell number if you want to be added to any of the three groups. The three groups currently in existence are:

  1. ZFHOA "Strictly Announcements"   -   Security Alerts etc
  2. ZFHOA "Cool & Social"
  3. ZFHOA "Fun"


Cllr. Chris Santana

Cell. No.:   082 416 7714

e-mail:      csantana@global.co.za


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