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Canterbury Culvert Upgrade

Following years of reporting collapsing Brick and Concrete Infrastructure, on the 16th of June 2019 a Burst Main Water Valve on the corner of Canterbury Crescent and Satara Avenue created a HUGE Cavern on either side of the Concrete Culvert under the Road Surface.

As Joburg Water worked to repair the Valve and replace the section of Burst Pipe, Cracks appeared in the Road Surface and on arrival, the Joburg Roads Agency declared this section of Road CLOSED as it is HIGHLY UNSAFE!

The ZFHOA and JRA erected temporary Barriers which are circumvented by frustrated Motorists on an almost daily basis to the detriment of the Infrastructure and the very real potential endangerment of all when these temporary measures are left pushed aside and others follow.

We have received the following written response from Siyabonga Genu, Joburg Roads Agency's Head of Infrastructure on the 2nd of September 2019;

"The culvert on this road has failed due to inadequate size.  The design to construct a big and wider culvert have been completed.  Unfortunately we don't have budget to commence with construction.  The road should be completely closed from traffic and will follow up with our Depot to ensure that the closure is implemented."

On the 9th of September 2019, Siyabonga Genu advised us in writing that "All designs have been completed and the we are ready to commence with construction. Unfortunately we didn’t received adequate funding from the City in May 2019 for us to commence with construction. However, we have requested for additional funding which we are hoping will be approved as part of the City’s budget adjustment process. This will allow us to commence with construction in January 2020. We require approximately R15 million to complete the repairs".

With regard to our recent Application for Renewal of our Security Access Restrictions (Road Closures) and the Advertising Notice for such, we have been Instructed by Chiza Mahlobo, City of Joburg's Specialist Systems Management: Transport Department that "Due to the material change that’s being requested, you will have to advertise the Hampton Court Road gate as a 24 hour access point. You will need to operate that gate as a 24 hour access for the entire approval period whether or not the JRA does complete its repairs within the 12 or 24 months".