Our sense of community is our security


ZFHOA stands for Zandfontein Farm Home Owners Association which is a Non-Profit (NPC) Company representing all the Residents and Homeowners of the suburb.

The ZFHOA has a Board of Directors made up of volunteers who have been elected by the community to manage the affairs of the Association.  These elections take place once a year at the Annual General Meeting.  All monies collected from Residents are audited and accounted for by Professional Accountants.


The ZFHOA are actively involved in:

  • Maintaining and enhancing the security measures in place in the suburb
  • Continued environmental maintenance and development
  • Promoting community involvement


We believe in actively furthering everything that is necessary to preserve the character and atmosphere of our neighbourhood, while safeguarding and promoting the interests of the Residents.




  • Pursue our Application to Lease the Public Roads and Open Spaces within the Community for the Community
  • Raise funds through Events to upgrade our Entrances and Boundary
  • To ultimately promote a sense of 'Estate' within the Community encouraging Homeowners to invest in their





  • Continue to pursue the MAJOR SECURITY INFRASTRUCTURE UPGRADE Mandated by the Residents in late

     2014 and 2019.    For more information select links to documents under the SECURITY Tab and RFP Tab.

  • Continue to promote security education amongst the suburb's Domestic Staff, on a monthly basis by means of

     active participation in Penny Steyn's Making-A-Difference (MAD) initiative.




All communications regarding any ZFHOA business will be on a ZFHOA Letterhead and will be communicated through the ZFHOA Administrator and ZFHOA Database to ensure centralisation of all official communications.

No direct communication to any current and/or future ZFHOA Suppliers from a Resident and/or Committee Member will be deemed as on behalf of the whole community nor sanctioned by the ZFHOA Board of Directors!

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